This morning, the 2 hatchlings were all over the net. I think they ate most of the mail order mysids I put in there yesterday, so I tossed a few in there, but pretty much as soon as the lights come on, they try to hide. I’ve also noticed they tend to flash reddish brown if I get too close and they want to signal annoyance at me. Or maybe fear? Anyways, they get instantly reddish brown if I get too close.

The remaining two eggs still look about the same this morning. Tomorrow will mark one week that they’ve been here. Ordering 100 mysids (which I think might last us about a week here, although I’m supplementing this with amphipods and homegrown shrimp) cost me $30. Realizing I’m looking at a pretty good chunk of change, I modified my Patreon so that I’ll be incorporating full videos and a journal comic about cuttlefish to help with defraying the cost of keeping these little buggers fed!

You also get all the comic stuff, too. I’ll still be posting here, but the videos over there will be longer and plus you get all my art stuff, too. Check out!


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