Cuttleblog Day 12

Last night, I tried taking pictures again, but didn’t get anything worthwhile. The nets are starting to grow a film of algae on them which is making it increasingly difficult to get decent pictures. So no pictures right now. And I’m double-annoyed with that because last night before bed, all 4 cuttles were lined up at the front of the net. I’m not sure what they’re doing, but I wonder if they’re trying to grab the little shrimp caught between the net and the glass? It’s odd because there are still plenty of those mini-mysids in there with them. Maybe they see something else they want? Or trying to communicate with the Deep Ones.

Anyways, I was hoping my 300 mysids from were coming today, but the tracking website says tomorrow. Means more amphipod picking. I am not very good at it either, so it takes me forever to pluck them out of the filter sock, filter floss, sump rocks, etc. At least I have a few places I seem to be able to grab them. I can usually pull about 20 of them in a sitting.


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