Cuttleblog: Feeding Updates

Tomorrow marks the 1 month point, and it seems as though two of the cuttles at least, are taking advantage of frozen foods. I’ve been trying to get them to take food from a stick, too, but so far all that does is make them annoyed.

This morning, I tried taking the smallest shore shrimp I had and offering it to them. Rorschach, and Lazarus, the two bigger cuttles took an immediate interest, and Rorschach took it down. He’s the largest, and I think because of it, tends to get more food. I’m considering separating those two from the smaller two to make sure everyone’s getting enough to eat. I also put in another order of mysids which should get here the middle of next week. I’m hesitant to switch entirely to frozen because I’m still not 100% they’re all eating it regularly.


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