#TinyTankChallenge – CB Edition!

Guess what tiny human is hoppin’ into tiny tanks for 2016? Me. That’s who. CB. And boy, am I gosh diggity dang excited.

My secret not-so-secret is I actually already have experience with Tiny Tanks. Due to space limitations, I drained an old 20 gal and swapped it for a 2 gallon shrimp tank about two years back. I’ve also got a fluval spec III 2.8 gallon hanging out on my desk for a couple months now that I’ve been using for excess plant storage since its betta tenant died, so this challenge is a good excuse to get it back on track.

Marvel at my algae bloom excess plants.

My super nerdy and very loose inspiration is That Forest in That Movie.


“That Movie” is also called Princess Mononoke.

I plan to accomplish this obviously-achievable-in-real-life-cartoon-forest look by using old java moss that I’ve been keeping in a critter carrier for a duration of time that is estimated to be approximately-Too-Long, and tying it down the the everloving surface of everything.


Mmmmmm. Mossy.

And also maybe tie a plant on some driftwood to make a tree. Who really knows at this point, not me, because I’m a professional*.

I’m only purchasing a couple new things for this challenge, namely a new light which I got yesterday, and hopefully a nice piece of driftwood if I can find one that fits in just the way I want. The rest are recycled supplies, but I’ll go ahead and list them anyway with rounded up prices that I got them for when I got them! Exception is plants, which I took from my old tank and had grown from some pretty sad ones that I took off a friend’s hands years back, so those fellas cost me nothin’. So if you also want to use plants I highly suggest you make friends with people who have some and take theirs because you love them.

Fluval Spec III, $20, used (these things go on sale ALL THE TIME, by the way, so always wait for the drop in price if you like this particular fish house)
13w clip on light, $25 (these too go on sale ALL THE TIME.)
25w submersible heater, $10, used (the same hydro heater Ethan is using, they’re reliable and don’t acquire that awful knocking sound that most submersible heaters end up with)
-GRAVEL, $5 I’ll be using plants that feed from the water column as opposed to substrate, so no need to start with a rich substrate. No link because it’s just some rocks.

Total is sitting at $65. No filter being purchased on this one because the spec has a very overpowered unit already built in.

So that’s it before I drain the thing and actually start. Join me next time as I drown a naughty piece of driftwood for days before throwing it in, and try to decide on what critters to stick in here. Probably a betta, because I like them and the tank is already modded to accommodate one. Definitely some cherry or ghost shrimp, because I like them even more.

This is my old fish. This fish is dead now. Maybe I will get another just like him, but less dead.

*I’m not a professional.


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